Intelligent Dispersion

Automated proprietary smartcontracts spread assets into liquid pledge agreements.

Stable Return

The Compound LSD protocol empowers real returns with $EKEY, providing a stable 200% APR.

Secure and Reliable

User asset security is guaranteed by multiple measures, including national treasury multi-signature and a 50% reserve pool.

EtherKEY Vision

EtherKEY manages a large number of ETH and LSD (such as stETH, rETH, cbETH, etc.) assets and gains stable ETH node revenue in the long term. As a top-tier composite LSD protocol, it captures value in platform coins while offering higher returns, creating the best profit platform.

DeFi Returns

Pursuing the highest return on investment in DeFi while ensuring high asset security (90% will be invested in relatively stable and low-risk projects, 10% will be invested in slightly higher risk and relatively stable projects, including but not limited to Curve, Convex, Aura, Balancer, Pendle, etc.).

LP Returns

The protocol control liquidity mechanism (PCL) of the EtherKEY protocol ensures that the vast majority of swap revenue is obtained by the treasury, with 100% of the treasury income belonging to $EKEY stakeholders.

Ecosystem Returns

EtherKEY will continuously expand its ecosystem applications, including swaps, lending, gamefi, NFTFi, and decentralized contracts, all of which will be powered by $EKEY.